What Happens When Together Gets Cancelled?

At Henry County Creates, we believe that together, we are stronger – but what happens when “together” gets cancelled? How do we continue our mission of supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs? How do we support each other when the word “community” itself feels like a threat?
Entrepreneurs and local businesses are the backbone of New Castle’s economy. And we all know that entrepreneurs, especially those just starting out, are positioned to take one of the biggest hits when disaster strikes. Sometimes it’s personal disaster, like a medical or family emergency. Sometimes it’s the natural devastation of a hurricane or tornado. Sometimes, it’s a global pandemic with an unknown outcome.
We had just gained a real sense of community and momentum with our Henry County Creates: Business Builders workshop series. While we might feel out of control and out of sorts COVID-19 could be a great example for us. This virus is proving that the power of one can impact the many and it provides us with an opportunity to show our community the same principle in a proactive, positive way. The power of Henry County Creates: Business Builders can impact our community in an exciting, creative way.
Every day we’re receiving information on ways that we as leaders, and entrepreneurs, can act now to help sustain ourselves and our economies for the long haul. I have included links to those resources below:
18 Steps to Protect Your Business From Corona Virus
7 Cups Connects You To Caring Listeners For Free Emotional Support
COVID-19 Resources from the State of Indiana

With all the changes we are experiencing related to the coronavirus, we need each other now more than ever. Developing deeper connections locally and regionally makes us better equipped to address life’s challenges. Let’s rise to this challenge and show the world that New Castle is better together – no matter what that together looks like.

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