New Castle Main Street and Henry County Love Local Businesses

New Castle Main Street and The Henry County Council and Henry County Commissioners have generously granted over $150,000 to locally owned Henry County businesses and restaurants impacted by COVID-19. 

Henry County Indiana is where LOVE was born. Helping and loving our friends and neighbors in times of need is part of who we are as a community. Many of our Henry County businesses—people who invested, worked, and vastly improved our county—need LOVE from our community and we are happy to show them that LOVE!

Show your love for the Henry County Businesses

Our local businesses need YOUR help NOW. Show them they’re LOVED by shopping online, buying a gift card, ordering carryout or delivery and giving them a shoutout on social media.

Business Builders Rebuilds

Are you interested in starting a new business or strengthening your current business? Our business builders workshops can you get you building! Let’s get together to rebuild our business builders class. Meet at 1400 Plaza on Wednesday, August 12 at 5:30 pm. Ky’s Kreations food truck will be there if you want to pick up dinner or a treat. We’ll meet to talk about moving forward and how businesses have fared during COVID-19.

News / Events / Happenings

Sponsor or Donate TODAY!

Donations to New Castle Main Street, Inc. 501(c)3 goes toward beautification of downtown New Castle and the Robert Indiana Arts and Culture District. Business sponsorships are available, creating a community partnership, we will recognize your business with your logo and links on our website, newsletter and other media exposure opportunities.