We LOVE Entrepreneurs

To show our love we are launching Business Builders in April 2021. Business Builders is a part of Henry County Creates and is a workshop series created to encourage area entrepreneurs. The workshop is designed to equip students, existing business owners, and future entrepreneurs as they begin entrepreneurial endeavors. Stay tuned for more information and a date for our kick-off event. 

New Castle Downtown is focused on our businesses. In the upcoming year, we will focus on entrepreneurship and economic development. This year, through fundraising and the generosity of the County Council, we were able to grant over $210,000 to Henry County small businesses to recover from the COVID shutdown. We also just finished our first entrepreneur workshops and were able to award almost $9,000 to new and existing businesses in Henry County. 

We LOVE our businesses!

Your donation of $150, $100 or $50 can help Broad Street “Bloom!”

$5,000 will allow us to partner with a local florist to plant, maintain, and water 30 flower pots along Broad Street from May to the end of fall.

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Donations to New Castle Main Street, Inc. 501(c)3 goes toward beautification of downtown New Castle and the Robert Indiana Arts and Culture District. Business sponsorships are available, creating a community partnership, we will recognize your business with your logo and links on our website, newsletter and other media exposure opportunities.