The Power of Placemaking: How Flowers Make a Difference

For the past five years, New Castle Downtown has been engaged in active placemaking in downtown New Castle including our planters of summer flowers. We need help pulling off our most visible and prominent contribution to our downtown. If you would like to help with a donation while celebrating your mom for Mother’s Day, please consider making a donation to Blooms on Broad Street.

People are attracted to quality places that they feel comfortable in when they want to relax, work, meet and mingle – a simple process with a fancy name, “placemaking.”

The placemaking process manifests itself in a variety of ways but specifically through projects and activities that invite collaboration, interest and creativity. Collaboration is where New Castle Downtown has found its niche.

This summer, New Castle Downtown is collaborating with a local florist to plant and maintain flowers in the large planters downtown.

We are also looking forward to hosting several events with the Art Association of Henry County. The first of these events will be Fourth Fridays, Arts, Music and Food. Beginning Friday, May 24, at 5:00 pm. Fourth Fridays will bring families, the old and young to downtown and provide a much-needed boost to our merchants in the downtown area.

We love celebrating moms and bringing color to town each May, celebrating the arts and food, and coming up with new and innovative ideas. We look forward to continuing the process of providing quality places that people can embrace in downtown New Castle. See you there!

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